Capri Mirrors

Bespoke mirror installations for a private sculpture garden on the exotic island of Capri.

In the summer of 2018 Lee’s studio was approached by the director of Liquid Art Systems to deliver a series of mirror interventions for their stunning private Sculpture Garden on the Isle of Capri. The studio arranged the fabrication of a large mirror which was precision cut to fit the dramatic stump of a recently felled tree. Lee used marine quality polished mirror steel to ensure longevity in the environment and a high-quality reflection. A dramatic intervention that sees the extraordinary blue sky of Capri brought down to the garden floor.

In addition the studio also produced a small series of mirrors to match the stump ends of recently felled branches on a nearby tree. As the viewer passes by different perspectives from the garden and beyond are unexpectedly projected from the tree.

Working long distance this was a new and exciting way for the studio to collaborate.



Liquid Art Systems

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Courtesy of Liquid Art Systems

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Capri Mirrors

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