Driftwood Tapestries

Driftwood Tapestries

Tapestries of a more delicate nature, crafted from sea worn branches and the fine remnants of pruned willow.

Inspired by the wealth of washed up twigs along the Northumbrian Coastline back in 2014, Lee launched a new addition to the Mirror Tapestry Family. Ambitious to create a wall hanging with a much lighter feel, Lee felt the silvery grey tones of the driftwood were perfectly suited to the challenge.

Using branches largely sourced from that coast line, Driftwood Tapestries feature thousands of miniature log pieces that are meticulously fused with polished mirror steel, precision cut to fit each unique log face.

The quantity and small scale of the wood fragments, each threaded with fine wire, makes for labour-intensive works where Lee’s passion for her concept and attention to detail are showcased. The result is an intricate piece, with an almost fabric-like sheen.




Abstract panels and Tapestries in situ, at home and in detail.

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Driftwood Tapestries

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