Mirror Tapestries

Mirror Tapestries

Mirror tapestries have become Lee’s signature work, with their aesthetic of diffuse reflection bringing the light of the natural environment and open space into the interior of homes and commercial spaces. Able to be built to any scale – from hand-width to a current record of 2.5 x 1.2m, mirror tapestries can work their magic in spaces of any size.

The resonance with the wide open, woods, water and national parks of the USA has made these pieces particularly popular with American buyers, but tapestries have been shipped to clients from Panama, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Germany, France, Spain, Bermuda, Turkey and the UK.

The original mirror tapestries was an extension of the mirror log concept and the desire to have a statement interior work. Inspired by the meticulous Japanese approach to fabrication, but scaled down to fit interior spaces, the first mirror tapestry gained enthusiastic reviews at exhibitions in the UK and Germany, and has maintained its popularity ever since.

Commissioned by London retailer Anthropologie for their flagship store on Regent Street, clients since have included private homes, hotels, restaurants and a number of bespoke spaces.

A number of variations on the standard pattern have evolved over time: half mirror, half plain; different wood stains; curved forms; miniatures; driftwood tapestries; and more. However all retain the signature aesthetic which borrows light from nature to illuminate interior space.



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Mirror Tapestries