Wanderings is a series of works that adds a more sculptural aesthetic to Lee’s signature mirror tapestries, using unusual yet dramatic branches which had lain unused in the studio for years, waiting for inspiration to strike.

Wandering I uses a stunning horseshoe-shaped piece of driftwood, recovered eight years earlier from Cocklawburn Beach in Northumberland – a favourite family haunt – whose warped shape appears as a crashing wave once mounted on a wall.

Wandering II similarly uses a warped branch, believed to be blackthorn wood, which might have been discarded as unusable in a standard tapestry, yet by following the irregular contours of the branch when mounting the mirrored branch segments, a piece with more dramatic flair is revealed, capturing light from unusual angles and perspectives.

Unlike its sisters Wandering III has a much lighter appearance and more gentle undulation. Whilst I selected fine simple willow branches, the process of weaving wood between two parts nonetheless leads to meandering edges and a sculptural facade. the willow heralds from a lincolnshire Weeping Willow.

All pieces were created as examples of dramatic statement works, suitable for lobby areas or home  reception rooms, and originally unveiled at the ICFF exhibition in New York City in 2019.


Wandering II (2019) and Wandering III (2021)

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Artist’s own


Matthew Booth

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