Weeping Willow

A homage to a favourite tree species, the Weeping Willow series elegantly drape and glisten like the fronds of the trees themselves.

Captivated by a series of Weeping Willow Trees that Lee journeys past en route to the studio daily, it was only natural that Lee would design an evolving collection of Weeping Willow hangings. Having worked with willow for the Pelham Primary Project Lee’s passion for the tree and its timber was truly ignited. 

Sculpting the wood to mimic the leaf shape and knotting the wires to capture the elegant drapery of the branches, these richly decorated wall hangings go just a little way in reflecting the essence of these majestic and enchanting trees.

Available to commission, Weeping Willow Hangings and Installations can be crafted to a variety of scales.

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Cornell Art Museum (Weeping Willow IV)

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Weeping Willow

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