Whisky Hoop Mirrors

Whisky Hoop Mirrors

Sculptural artworks new to 2020, a limited edition run of five Whisky Hoop mirrors.

Maturing for many years, these fine fragments of wood, retired from their role in a victorian printing press, have been revived for this limited edition run of  five Whisky Hoop Mirrors. The hoops, sourced from Scotland of course, perfectly frame the striking combination of layered golden wood and cool mirror steel strips.

Approx 67cm diameter and 6 cm deep with a split batton on the reverse for ease of hanging. Two Whisky Hoop Mirrors remain (4 of 5) is consigned to Appleton Art Design, for those in in the USA. Please contact Appleton directly for further information. And the 5th of 5 is available in my online shop.


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Artist’s own


Matthew Booth Photography

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Whisky Hoop Mirrors

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Whisky Hoop Mirrors


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