Keg Hoop Mirror


These Keg Hoop mirrors, created in 2021, are a delightful small scale version of Lee’s Whisky Hoop Mirrors. Crafted from two vintage keg hoops and the victorian printing press wood remnants, these limited edition mirrors could be the perfect scale for bringing character and light reflections to a smaller wall or room. They could even be the perfect accompaniement to your drinks cabinet.

As with all Lee Borthwick works each artwork is handcrafted and completely unique;- no two pieces are ever the same.

18cm diameter x 3cm deep

Easy to hang with a simple hook on the reverse

Only two available.

Dispatched within two working days. Next day delivery service used.


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Miniature Keg Hoop Mirror Artworks. Maturing for many years, these fine fragments of wood, retired from their role in a victorian printing press, have been revived for this very limited edition run of Keg Hoop Mirrors. These vintage keg hoops, perfectly frame the striking combination of layered golden wood and cool mirror steel strips.

18cm diameter x 3 cm deep.

Hook on the reverse for ease of hanging.

Only two available.



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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 3 × 18 cm

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