Wandering II


Stunning mirror wall art from British artist Lee Borthwick. Taking her signature mirror tapestry aesthetic and extending into a more sculptural realm through the simple technique of selecting an irregular, meandering branch to give the effect of a breaking wave.

120cm x 60cm x 25cm depth approx.

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“For this collection, Lee is allowing selected branches to dictate the form of the finished work; no longer flat and framed but undulating and wandering like a walk through the landscape. The mirror arrangements will be more random; clustered, scattered and less uniform. “Wanderings” a series of two unique wall-hanging pieces, takes the aesthetic of Lee’s signature wood and mirror tapestries into more sculptural compositions, whilst retaining the tranquil, therapeutic qualities for which her work is renowned.

120cm x 60cm x 25cm depth approx.

Sustainably sourced willow and blackthorn branches and polished mirror steel.

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