Woven Tapestry II


Available now, new Woven Tapestry II.
A dynamic square tapestry portraying a new arrangement of wood pieces. The use of the hole saw  has enabled the curved detail of the bark to take equal prominence amongst the mirrors. Crafted from willow and sweet chestnut branches, this wall hanging is certainly one of a kind. Its smaller size makes it the perfect center-piece for above
52cm tall x 63cm wide x 5cm deep
Hooks on reverse for easy install.
Shipping includes full insurance.

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Lee’s intricate, handmade mirror wall hangings are made from hundreds of individual wood and polished steel mirror pieces, woven with wire. The artworks are crafted from sustainably felled English hardwoods, sourced from sustainably managed woodlands in Sussex and Surrey. Timbers range from ash and chestnut to birch and willow.

All artworks are finished in a natural hard wax oil, the top branch has the bark removed for a sleek, polished finish.

Works can be shipped internationally and have most recently been shipped to the Panama, Bermuda, Formentera and the USA. Thanks to the WARMAIR treatment courtesy of ICM enabling the artworks to pass safely through customs in a number of countries including Australia.

Each artwork is uniquely crafted with its own statement top branch.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 52 × 63 × 6 cm

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