Pelham Primary Willow Tree

Pelham Primary Willow Tree

A series of art installations for the interior of a newly renovated school; a celebration of the Schools Weeping Willow Tree.

In 2015 Pelham primary School expanded to accommodate a growing number of students. This meant losing the familiar Weeping Willow Tree that had been central to the school grounds for over 50 years. 

Lee was delighted to be asked to create a special artwork for the new entrance, commemorating the beautiful species and one of Lee’s favourite trees. Crafted from thousands of segments of branches, from the delicate stems that traced the playground floor to the great bows and twisted forms that provided shelter to local wildlife, a timber mosaic was created to honour the long life of Pelham Primary School’s Willow Tree.

Lee said “It was with great sadness to witness the felling of such a great species but it was also of great pride to be honoured with the task of bringing new life to the old wood”. The mirrors capture the changing of the light throughout the day and the changing of the seasons throughout the year just as the willow might have done. The patience to build the work was a modest nod to the many years the Willow Tree spent forming its memorable place at the heart of the school. In addition a collection of classroom signs were cut from the salvaged limbs of the tree and engraved with the names of birds, a sensitive and rustic twist to the new contemporary look of Pelham Primary School.
The project gave Lee a wonderful opportunity to work alongside all the students who individually crafted their own miniature artworks using remnants of the tree and waste materials. 


Pelham Primary School, South Wimbledon

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Matthew Booth

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Pelham Primary Willow Tree

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