Lee’s screens have been used in private homes to elegantly separate spaces – bringing the forms of woodland and branches into the interior.

The two chief commissions of this style were both for private homes, the first in a former rectory in Hampshire, and the second in Regent’s Park, north London, however the style could easily transfer to public spaces.

The second commission, The Silver Birch Installation acted as a privacy screen for a dance studio which would otherwise be visible from the main entrance of the house. Sculpted from silver birch, sustainably sourced from Esher woodlands (sw london), the design captured the etherial quality and elegance of the silver birch forest, perfectly positioned to filter the light into the dance studio. This screen was crafted in 2014 and measured approxmately 2m squared.

The first commission, Branching Out, used the warmly coloured wood from yew trees, meshed together with copper wire in shapes evocative of woodland silhouettes. Standing more than two metres tall and wide, the work provides a barrier between dining area and a passage way, yet remains subtle and understated in doing so, retaining the natural flow of the larger space. The yew branches were sustainably sourced from The Deepings area in Lincolnshire.

2m x 2.4m


Carden Canutti (Silver Birch Screen): Private Collection (Branching Out)

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