Wandering III


Meticulously crafted new mirrored wall art from British artist Lee Borthwick. Taking her signature mirror tapestry aesthetic and moving her ideas into a more sculptural realm, Lee has selected unique pieces of wood and constructed a lightly shimmering surface of miniature  willow and mirror pieces that flow along the lines of two dividing branches.

Dimensions :-

110cm x 60cm x 1.5cm depth (The artwork projects approximately 10cm from the wall in places)

Hooks on reverse for easy install.

Collected, professionally boxed or crated (dependant on location) and dispatched within ten working days


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Wandering III is a new mirrored wall artwork featuring over 2300 delicately worked pieces of willow woven together and adorned with an abstrast pattern of miniature mirrors. Started in 2019 the piece was recently completed and presented to a new audience in October 2021 as part of London Craft Week.

The idea for the piece was born from the Wandering series where the tree branch dictates the form and structure of the artwork, though this piece deviates by offering a much gentler undulation and lighter impression comparative to the dynamic sculptural forms of Wanderings I and II.

The willow branches were sustainably cut in winter from a Weeping Willow Tree at friends near Stamford, England and over time I have peeled back the bark to reveal the creamy quality of the wood. It was my desire to create a woven artwork that I could keep growing over time until the wood was fully used up.

Photography by Matthew Booth

Materials:- Sustainably cut Willow branches, felled in winter from Lincolnshire friends, polished mirror steel and copper wire.


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 110 × 60 × 2 cm